Hello! My name is Francesco Imola. I am a polymath with experience producing artworks, curating exhibitions, devising campaigns, and designing digital solutions. Keep tabs on what I've been up to recently or reach out to say hi or discuss working together.

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How to Be Good
Press, Press, Press

Shot BTS photos and co-produced a campaign for an ambitious virtual production and research project by University of Greenwich Film & TV academics and students. Outputs from the project raised awareness of the importance of Virtual Production in the future of the screen industries and helped the Film & TV Programmes secure a book deal.

person operating camera actress rehearsing a scene, holding a stone ready to attack head of V F X operating computer on set director talks to actress director points at pre-viz footage on a screen beside the set person operates boom talent is ready for their scene, sat on the green floor with the camera pointing at them

How to feel more at home
Project link, Press, Are.na Channel

Web-based work incorporating an expanded poem, a series of photographs, and semi-generative audiovisual components into a landing page. The work reveals itself as the user interacts, almost by instinct, with elements framing the poem. The work was born out of a desire to explore and articulate personal ideas about home, what (and who) makes one, and how to find meaning living in-between homes.

Gif of the site being used Screenshot of the site Screenshot of the site

Exhibition Title
Project link

A semi-autonomous program that generated and tweeted over 500 exhibition titles for fictional art exhibitions, from the hilarious to the grotesque. It tweeted every day for two years between 2018 and 2021.

A selection of published tweets

Three Years
Project link

A book containing every tweet I posted on Twitter between April 2016 and February 2019—an archive of over a thousand entries. I built an custom plinth to display the book in an exhibition—528—and I performed an uninterrupted 2:30 hrs live reading at the opening event. As a believer in the power of journaling, I was interested in how presenting data as a stream of consciousness could tell the story of how it came to be published on social media.

Book Mockup

In The Aisles
Project link

An interactive non-linear experience built around to the homonymous story by Clemens Meyer. The experience guides you through extracts from the story, interrupted by numerous sketches on paper (taken from corrupted PDF to HTML exports) illustrating how I imagined the narrated environment. The homepage displays a CAD model of a forklift being spun in space—a link to the warehouse where the story takes place. The soundtrack playing throughout the site is a piece of music I composed in response to the story.

Screenshot of the site homepage Screenshot of one of the branches of the story

TEDx University of Greenwich: Journeys
2019 - 2021
Project Link

Working alongside filmmakers and theatre experts, I designed a TEDx sign, a series of stage panels, and a lightweight programme website for this hybrid live event/virtual production shoot

View of the sign from the side, pictured in a workshop Lopping GIF of the CNC machine imprinting the TED letters on a black MDF board Photograph from the event behind the scenes with a person rehearsing their talk mockup of a browser window showing the TEDx 2021 Programme website.

Business of Film
Project Link

I developed a series of videos and graphics for a new asynchronous course on the "Business of Film" for Film & TV students at the University of Greenwich.

Graphic design reading 'Set your career in motion: Business of Film' alongside shapes of different colours and the University of Greenwich logo

Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally
Artists, Exhibition essay, Request the ZIP file

Cross-referencing mythology, pop culture, the supernatural, and digital selfhood, the works presented in this ZIP-compressed exhibition explore fears, desires, and obstacles artists face within themselves in times of crisis and isolation. "Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally" was curated by Magda Żołędź, of ONE Projects, and I. We opened the exhibition in July 2020 with an online opening featuring Q&As and workshops with the artists.

Screenshot of the website Gif of a user visiting the exhibition website The exhibition folder, extracted from a ZIP file

Everything You See Is In The Past
Exhibition catalogue

Curatorial project including an online exhibition and accompanying catalogue exploring the impact of the internet and contemporary digital culture on the practice of emerging artists and curators. It featured works by Enes Alba, Atom Chen, Dario Bucheli, and Perce Jerrom. The catalogue includes an essay I wrote and Q&As with Lisa Barnard, Pita Arreola-Burns, Elliott Burns, Valentina Peri, Ghislaine Boddington, and Walter Corneli.

GIF of the exhibition catalogue Screenshot of the exhibition essay on the exhibition site Screenshot of Dario Bucheli's page on the exhibition site Still from the online opening event

University of Greenwich Galleries

Between 2018 and 2020, I assisted in curating, coordinating, design, marketing, and documenting over 60 art and architecture exhibitions and events at the University of Greenwich Galleries. Here are some of the highlights from that time, alongside the core roles I played in the production and delivery of each project:

1: Oscillation (2019), Graphic Design. 2: Forward to the Analogue (2019), Graphic Design. 3: Film & TV students' display, School of Design End of Year Show (2019), Co-curation. 4: 528 (2019), Co-curation and Design.

Landscape poster for Oscillations, an exhibition by Russel Duke and Mark Long Poster desgn for Fast Forward to the Analogue A gallery with posters, a tv screen, and computers installed Photograph of works installed in 528 as seen from the entrance of the Heritage Gallery

New Alumni '19
Exhibition webpage

Co-curated with David Waterworth at the University of Greenwich Project Space, this exhibition focuses on four University of Greenwich graduates—John Joseph Watters, Grace Diggens, Marilia Lezou, and Rhiannon Ashley—working in cross-disciplinary fields that impact our environment and community. “New Alumni '19” coincided with “Greenwich Portraits” in the adjacent Stephen Lawrence Gallery. The exhibitions complemented each other to showcase the University's support for new and longstanding alumni.

Poster design for New Alumni '19 Project Space gallery, prints from Marilia Lezou on the right of the frame and a wall with the exhibition poster on the other Seayting space before the entrance of the exhibition from which we can wee the exhibitoon signage and posters Poster design for New Alumni '19

Pattern Action

Composition created using solely recordings from the impulse response of my university's main stairwell (a 5-storey concrete chamber).

Single cover

Past Archives

Collection of various music by I produced between 2013 and 2017. Includes former musical projects, demos, collaborations, remixes, and outtakes.

Single cover

Buildings 1 & 2
Listen, Music Video

I wrote, performed, and recorded all songs on this EP. Mixing was a collaboration with Walter Corneli. The EP was mastered by Chris Pavey, and artworks were created by me. The music video for "Building 1" is titled "Hub_&_Minerals_[182]" and was directed and produced by Walter Corneli. Luca Rautti assisted the editing.

Single cover Single cover