Welcome 👋 I’m Francesco, a cultural producer, artist, and designer.

I develop exhibitions, events, and interactive experiences that employ standout, low-impact approaches to producing and disseminating art and culture. I’m a digital arts graduate and a curator-in-training with a thing for post-digital aesthetics. Of late, I also worked on a few collaborative and self-initiated projects, including tending to several are.na channels, coding a listening experience, and writing an interactive poem.

🔩 Projects

A selection of recent URL and IRL works, projects, exhibition, and interventions. This archive is in constant update, as I gradually add projects details.

Room 101
Listening experience for Magda Zoledz's compositions
2021 | Project link

How to feel more at home
Expanded poem and photography
2020 | Details, Project link

Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally
2020 | Details

Everything You See Is In The Past
Curatorial project and exhibition
2020 | Details, Catalogue

University of Greenwich Galleries
Curatorial projects
2018 - 2020 | Details

New Alumni '19
2019 | Details

Pattern Action
Sound composition
2017 | Listen

Past Archives
Mixtape of early compositions
2017 | Listen

Buildings 1 & 2
Extended play record
2017 | Listen

🧠 Experiments

A selection of URL and IRL creative experiments. This archive is currently in progress. I will gradually add projects details.

Exhibition Title
Twitter bot
2019 | Details

Three Years
An exercise in uncreative writing
2019 | Details, Read

In The Aisles
Interactive poster
2018 | Details, Project link

I just wanted to say
Sound composition
2019 | Listen

Extended play record
2017 | Listen

Sound composition
2017 | Listen

🤗 Be my guest

💻 This site

This site is a living public digital space: here I gather my work, ideas, hobbies, goals, and passions. It is a greenhouse where new ideas grow, a workshop where I create new things, and my portfolio of past and work-in-progress projects.

I built this site adopting sustainable web design practices. The open-source fonts in use are Karrik by Jean-Baptiste Morizot and Lucas Bihan for Velvetyne Type Foundry, and Inter by Rasmus Andersson. For now, there is no overarching index, so you’ll need to follow a link to some starting point. Like this 👋

📜 CV


International Curatorial Program
Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Online

Digital Arts, BA Hons
University of Greenwich, London

Music Technology
City of Liverpool College, Liverpool


Graphic Designer, Set Designer, Props Builder
TEDx University of Greenwich, London

Editor, Designer, Event Producer
University of Greenwich, London

Gallery and Exhibitions Assistant
University of Greenwich Galleries, London

Music Photographer
Getintothis, Liverpool

Musician and Music Composer
Freelance and Self-initiated projects

Comprehensive CV available on request.

📧 Contact

  • frn [dot] imola [@] gmail [dot] com
  • Twitter

My work is supported by the generosity of those who believe in its value. Please consider buying me a coffe.