I have been thinking about making this blog happen for so long

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Layered Text

“Where have I been in the past couple of months?” Nobody asked.

Most of my productive hours were spent copy-pasting words, formatting large rectangular chunks of texts, scrolling through fonts, snapping to guides, and obsessing over the proportion of things. Aside from all the other academic and gallery related work (yes, I am yet to write about this but I have recently started working with the Galleries at my University!) I have spent a good amount of time putting together a book. 

Three years, that is, is an important pit-stop in a 3 year-long journey—if it can even be called so. If you'd like to know more about the process of making the book and its installation happen I have written about this elsewhere on this blog. At the same time, I have also spent entire evenings creating my new website—which I'm really proud of. It took longer than expected to find a platform where I could host and showcase my entire portfolio of works as well as the blogs I keep. Moving from Persona.co where my main site was hosted and Tumblr & Medium where my blogs were over to Squarespace was not easy at all. It is a tedious and repetitive process—even more boring to write about. However, what is important is that finally and for the first time I now have all this in place and ready to be used both for my academic and personal projects.