Social media threaten my creativity

I came home at midnight tonight. I had a surprising desire to make something. Be creative. At midnight on a Thursday night before Easter Friday.

I usually pick up my diary or notebook when I am inspired to make. Tonight I felt I should be writing—yet, not this. Something less self-reflective.


I opened Twitter and began scrolling through its endless timeline. Most posts are from people I should unfollow but I don’t because they make my feed look fresh and cool. Then, I move onto LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn, you've heard it right.

It is now past midnight. LinkedIn best article tonight is about making working from home using only THESE THREE SIMPLE TECHNIQUES.

"Useful insight, James! We need more of your genuine marketing approaches on this platform"

I instantly don’t feel the need to be creative anymore. I have the world in front of me. All the words that I could write, I see them already written here: on these platforms.

It rarely happens that I realise how impactful are social media on my creativity. I, in fact, believe the lack of creativity in my life is a problem caused by social media. And, I’m not saying that is the same for everyone. But that is what is happening to me.

So, I’ve decided to do something about it tonight. I brought back my creative spirit onto the stage for the last round of the night. Even though she’s very shy because of all she’s seen on social media, my creative spirit still knows how to grab the audience’s attention.

This—writing this, is what I did tonight. I forced myself to write. To still do what I wanted, even though my mind shut off the moment I started scrolling through tweets.

And I wish to keep doing this—despite all the nights where I will be, once again, burying my creative mood into the ground because of mindless internet use.