Struggling to develop ideas

I am currently working a project that will be featured in a short exhibition happening later this year. While I do not seem to lack ideas and creative thinking I am struggling in developing my ideas into something that resembles a finished project.

I am currently working with personal data gathered from the internet from services such as Google and Twitter. I plan to use this large amount of text-based information in a way that is both conceptually in line with my thinking, aesthetically (in visual and auditory terms) engaging, and easy to digest (I want people to connect with the work).

I would like to engage the audience in looking at one’s data—information, documentation, figures and notes that online services & platforms gather from and about us—as something which can be owned and can be re-worked as material for the making of further, possibly more meaningful, documents.

Until now I have thought about:

  • Selling my data on eBay in the form of a book—following the steps of Oli Frost and a couple of others who have attempted it;

  • Putting my data on sale during a live performance & online streaming;

  • Re-working audio recordings from my Google Assistant (= data) into a sound piece;

  • Creating an Artist using bits of my data (as text), photographs, sketches, and bits of text from my journals.

I believe that to find out exactly what I would like to make I need to start experimenting with making and see where my gut feelings take me.

Last week I have tried to create a music piece using the collection of recordings (mentioned above) from my Google Assistant—about 3.4hrs—into a sound piece. However, I struggle to visualise how this would look & sound as part of the exhibition: finding ways to exhibit sound works as part of very visual-based shows is a difficult task. 

I have also tried to create a template (or more like a draft page) for the artist book featuring text and photographs. I used text from a document I downloaded (via Google itself) containing all my Youtube searches. I used film photographs I have taken last year. I plan to use language cues to connect text and images in an expressive way. Below is an example I worked on based on this idea.