Writing to make sense of it all

This is one of the very first pieces of writing I am transcribing from a voice recording. I am using my phone to record my voice, planning to turn it into words at a later time. It is something that I could not do before.

I never thought recording my thoughts before writing them was worth the effort. Wouldn't it be easier to go straight to pen and paper? Why bothering listening to your own voice to then transcribe it?

Recording is one of the few ways for me to collect my feelings and thoughts—archive them in a way that feels comfortable to me. The unbiased microphone allows me to "voice" my thoughts by speaking into it. Writing is a rather intense practice. It easy to be effortlessly honest with a silent listener (the microphone). Not as easy to watch your thoughts appearing neatly spaced on the computer screen or, more or less neatly, on the page of a notebook.

Yes. There are times where words come out in a stream of consciousness while I am writing the ones before. This sentence, for example, is one of those.

Having visual access to this self-made journal is helpful in understanding the volume and content of what goes on in my mind. Archiving my thoughts, views, and emotions is as much of a personal therapy exercise as an artistic one. It is about making sense of what goes on in my head. But also making something from it all. Which is a lot. So much you would not imagine.