Using JavaScript and HTML to build a collection of Sound Trademarks.

“(h)” is an ongoing collection of sound logos and sonic trademarks built out of a simple idea and a willingness to learn more about coding with CSS and JavaScript. Currently counting just more than 30 elements, the page is designed with interaction at its core. Visitors are given no implicit instructions on how to navigate the work because of its practical immediacy: hovering over the text — or clicking on it when on mobile — will highlight the name of a brand/company/organisation and play the audio sample of its relative sound trademark.

Possibly, over the next few months more content will be added. Some other features currently under development are:

  • A shuffle function that randomises the order of the words each time the page is reloaded.
  • Cross-fades between sounds.
  • A search feature.

UPDATES: Due to server issues, this project is now discommended and cannot be accessed anymore.

Here you can take a look at the HTML behind (h) — it includes JavaScript functions to play and stop audio, basic CSS styling, and HTML5 <audio> elements (thanks to instaudio for the free hosting):

Francesco Imola is a London-based musician, weekend photographer, and current Sound Design student at the University of Greenwich.