Unrealised exhibitions

Here are listed some of the ideas for exhibitions I have been thinking about. Most of them are only seeds, while a few I describe more in detail. Some will never be realised. Still, I find it important to share these ideas with you.

Yearning to feel more at home

Home. Is it a place, a space, a feeling, a practice, or an active state of state of being in the world?

Common Ground

A public exhibition that brings people to the farmer’s market—and vice-versa.The market stands as an outlet to offer workshops and panels on identity and representation in rural Britain, decolonising foodways, and agriculture’s contribution to tackling climate change. How do we give strength to oppressed or marginalised people living in rural areas? And how do we embrace food and ways of cooking that resist subjugation and instead nourish our palate, body, and environment?

Toward a Sustainable Practice

This exhibition introduces a cohort of emerging artists and designers building works that are either self-sufficient, recycled, biodegradable, low-tech or run on human power or renewable energy. This project explores and questions critical approaches to producing, disseminating, and displaying art. It is loosely inspired by the 2005 exhibition and book “Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art” and a show I installed years ago, “Art as problematic Waste”, which shares similar concerns.

I have thought of two ways to approach this project:

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