Artists in Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally

Last updated in July 2020

Fiorella Angelini

Fiorella Angelini is a Chilean artist currently studying an MFA in Media at Slade School of Art (UCL). She studied a Bachelor in Fine Art (2009-2012) and Bachelor in Pedagogy (2013) at Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chile. Fiorella has exhibited in Santiago at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts), Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI (Visual Arts Museum), Centro Cultural de España Chile (Spanish Cultural Centre), in New York at the Local Project Art Space & The Local NYC; in Mergozzo (Italy) at Casa Della Capra; in London at the Slade Research Centre UCL, Framers Gallery, and Barbican Arts Group Trust.

Sandra Araújo

Sandra Araújo is a non-binary and genderqueer digital artist who spends endless hours shooting at monsters and strolling through mazes. It only feels natural for these creatures to evolve through an experimental and explorative process of gamifying visual culture and popular gif files. Her practice also feeds on social media platforms to engage the animations into the depths of gameplay plots as if they still play old school video games.

Ruofan Chen

Ruofan Chen is a London-based artist working in installation, sculpture, painting, and drawing. Her work criticizes the excessive use of screens and the error of information in modern society. While trying to create emotional connections with nature, her work evokes sensibility in an over-digital and mechanical society. Selected exhibitions include: ‘Social Distance’ at The Royal @RSOAA in New York, USA (2020), ‘Beyond the Fence’ at Wells Projects, London, UK (2020), ‘Counter Point’ at Courtyard Gallery RCA, London, UK (2020), ‘Dream’ at Grapevine, London, UK (2020), ‘Tumbleweed& Walking People’ at No Space, London (2020). Rrofan’s work is held in the public collections of the China Health & Medical Development Foundation; Tsinghua Holdings AI Industrial Fundation, China; China Academy of Art, China, amongst others.

Simone D’Angelo

Simone D’Angelo, born 1978, is a documentary photographer. He attended Massimo Mastrorillo’s Luz Academy Masterclass in Rome with the collectives CESURA and Discipula. With I must have be blind and Santabarbara, two projects about his birthplace, Simone was awarded the Leica Talent, Premio Tabò, Umbria Photo Fest and was among the finalists of the Portfolio Italia 2018 prize. He has exhibited in festivals such as Fotoleggendo Roma and Riaperture Ferrara. Simone is also a visual designer graduate from the European Institute of Design. On his long-term photography projects, Simone looks for a personal vision, investigating the thin line between reality and fiction.

Rikardo Druškić

Rikardo Druškić was born in 1990 in Zagreb and has spent his adult life living in Sarajevo. His interest in illustration and digital art began during high school. His works have been exhibited, both independently and in collective exhibitions in art galleries and public spaces in the world, including Sarajevo, Mostar, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai, Taiwan, Berlin, Brussels and Vienna. He was one of the finalists in the Art Revolution Competition Taipei in 2014. In the same year, his works Madness Continuous and Depth were selected by visual art platform see.mee to be presented at the famous Times Square in New York. His first solo exhibition Tales of Love took place at the Gallery Boris Smoje in 2014 in Sarajevo. The same exhibition was presented at the Memorial Home of Svetozar Corovic in Mostar. One of his most significant professional exhibitions included “Initiation” (Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo); “The Wall” (Historical Museum, Sarajevo); Post-election Trauma (Sarajevo); “Where is the Exit” (Gallery JAVA, Sarajevo); “Diggin” (Maineouevre, Berlin). Some of his projects also include illustrations for books. Rikardo was one of the central participants of the first Festival of Street Art (FUU) in Sarajevo. Following this event, he joined forces with street art initiatives for the Mostar Street Art Festival. In 2016 he was invited to paint a mural inside the Sarajevo Youth Theater, expanding his field of interest into the world of public art. Next step in Rikardo’s career was his first video exhibition “Children Joy” in Sarajevo projected on 1000m2 screen. The exhibition “Suscitans Conscientia”, held in City Hall of Sarajevo, marks the beginning of his new artistic expression and plans for the two new exhibitions in Brussels and Vienna. In 2019 he painted a mural in Brussels and in 2020 started a residency at Almuñécar, Spain.

Aitan Ebrahimoff

Aitan Ebrahimoff is an artist and director based in London. His experimental shorts and TV spots sustain a video practice dictated by ideas over execution. With a background in Anthropology, his work blurs the line between reality and fiction. Narrative is built through staged interaction, scripting and absurd accidents. Upcoming exhibitions include Palace International 2020, London Experimental Film Festival & Berlin Experimental Film Festival. As a TV Creative, Aitan was nominated for the Best Newcomer award at PROMAX 2019. In the epicentre of the global imaging stream, he strives to make work that cuts through.

Eduard Fadgyas

Eduard Fadgyas is musician and sound designer born in Romania. He created the soundtrack to the Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally Exhibition (go to the playlist). Taking inner the demons of the mind as a starting point, Eduard imaged them echoing musical repetitions and loops ad infinitum inside the space of his brain

Paweł Franciszek Jaskuła

Paweł Franciszek Jaskuła was born in 1993 in Poznań Poland. Between 2015-2017, Pawel was studio assistant to prof. Józef Walczak. In his artistic practice he merges philosophy, sociology and science. Since 2019 he is part of a science and art group, Eclipse de Sol, focusing on the study of sun eclipses. He is a current Photography MA student at the University of Arts in Poznań.

Othon G.H.

Othon G.H is an artist whose work is characterized by what he calls “the grace of decay”. Working with oil, pastel, sand and binding agent he brings forward beauty and character from the rugged and the weather-beaten. The imagery he depicts are rich, inspired by myriads of ancient and contemporary culture. This interest in the sociological is manifested in motives of abstract portraits as well as figurative and symbolic compositions. At the core of Othon’s work stands the existential and universal conditions of mankind and the rare mystery that life’s hardening journey brings forward without stopping.

João Bragança Gil

João Bragança Gil (Lisbon, 1989) is an artist and researcher currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. He graduated from his BA in Industrial Design in 2013 and from an MA in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins, UAL in 2016. Earlier he had studied Fine Arts at Lisbon’s Academy of Fine Arts (2008-2010). He worked as a Designer for the studio KRAM/WEISSHAAR (2014) and several clients as a freelancer and as a researcher, including Camden Council (2015), the Design for Social Innovation Lab (2016), and Canon (2016-2018). João took part in a residency at the Olympic Park in Hackney in collaboration with Public Works (2015). He was a speaker at Darefest in Antwerp (2016). He has exhibited in London, Athens, Lisbon, Porto and Caldas da Rainha, including at Lisbon’s Triennale of Architecture (2013), The Institute Effect exhibition curated by Dani Admiss (2013), The Intelligent Optimist at London Design Festival curated by Ulrike Oberlak (2016). The return to his activity as an artist is marked by a strong research-based practice, in which he takes some of his experience as a designer and researcher. With a particular interest in hybrid documentary-fiction practice that functions as ambiguous and open-ended archaeology, he focuses on the effects and implications of technology. His work spans from photography, video, sculpture, resurfacing of archive materials and working with found footage to investigate the ambiguities between history, culture, landscape, industrial processes and how technology shapes and mediates our environments. Resisting categorisation, introspectively, João also explores how artefacts, myths and technologies influence cycles of construction and deconstruction of the self. He is currently working on Anticline, a research-based film on the problematics of the marble quarrying industry in Portugal.

Paulina Jolda

Paulina Jołda was born in 1995 in Wrocław, Poland. In 2019, I graduated from the Academy from Fine Arts in Warsaw. where she currently lives and works. Paulina is a visual artist interested in painting, drawing, and site-specific installations. In her practice, she points to the sociological correlation between animal species, especially humans in opposition to others. She sees the main human drives as primal needs. Noticeable is her work are aspects like violence, greed, libido, cults, and religion. Paulina’s last project takes the form of a myth which she uses to narrate about current issues. She exhibited at Art Reviews of Painting in Rzeszów (2018); Drawing Triennal in Katowice (2019); Support/ Surface at the Lanzarote Art Festival (2019); Kunst-Zug in Runde Ecke in Dresden (2016).

Gil Mac

Gil Mac signs his design projects as Whatever™ since 2006, and has been working regularly for music, fashion and theatre projects. Both as a brand and a statement, Whatever™ focuses on the use of brand-related communication tools and advertising to deconstruct the global consumption narrative. Inspired by the graphic overload of corporate branding and advertising we experience every day in cities around the world, Whatever™ responds with a creative and critical approach, subverting and re-imagining them in the same language, changing the message of a globalized market and the manipulation of desire into an avant-garde dadaist pop deconstruction, repurposing, and reassembly its symbols.Gil is part of the New Futuristic Orchestra of Porto and member of Lucifer´s Ensemble, a project that combines performance with sound art. It has been presented in several festivals such as Festival Forte, Art Attack Stage, Semibreve and Jardins Efémeros, where they were invited by the magazine, The Wire - Off The Page for a talk with Joseph Stannard. In 2019 presented their show The Wishful Fall at the Serendipity festivals in Goa and Magnetic Fields in Rajasthan, India

Maria Sabrina Scassa

Maria Sabrina Scassa is a London-based artist, originally from Cordoba, Argentina, she moved at the age of 4 to Venice, Italy. She currently studies photography at the University of the Arts London. Maria worked for Oliver Chanarin as an artist assistant and at Sadie Coles. Her practice focuses on the theme of destruction used as a psychological tool for self-analysis. Graphically representing her traumas through different bodily forms, her works are created trough the digital and physical manipulation of images. Perceiving an image as if it were a sculpture, her work takes into account the tactile aspect of photography and working with different materials. Her practice extends the medium of photography by pushing the image in and out of different materialities. Working in 2019 as part of the curatorial team for Taisuke Koyama and David Horvitz’s group exhibition, curation forms an integral aspect of her practice. Through collaborating with filmmaker Lucrezia Vicedomini, Sabrina’s work further includes experiments with moving imagery. Haunted production is a collaborative artist duo project based in London (UK) which began in 2020, formed by Maledetta (Maria Sabrina Scassa) and Lulu (Lucrezia Vicedomini). The duo explores the universal theme of trauma and psychoanalytic theory applied to cinematic horror.

Klara Woźniak

Klara Woźniak is a visual artist born in 1999 in Warsaw. Currently based in Poznan, Poland, she is a student of Photography at University of Arts in Poznan. She graduated from the Film High School in Warsaw, Poland. Klara is interested in the materiality of photography and the borders of visual arts. Her practice deals with the concepts of memory and image violence. She works with objects, installations, photography and short videos.Curators Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally is a curatorial project and exhibition led by Magda Żołędź of ONE Project, and Francesco Imola.Magdalena Zoledz (website) focuses her practice on the notion of post-photography. She works with text, photography, experimental video and object. In her research, she deals with the evolution of digital images often referring to the posthumanism. In 2017, she started a PhD programme in photography at the University of Arts in Poznań and between 2018-2019 she was a visiting research student at the Slade School of Fine Art. During that time she began developing ONE Project, including the idea of exhibiting a singular image in post-photographic age. She is a member of 280A.


Francesco Imola and Magdalena Zoledz