University of Greenwich Galleries, 2018-2020

Between 2018 and 2020, I assisted in the producing, marketing, and documenting over 60 art and architecture exhibitions and events at the University of Greenwich Galleries. Here are some of the highlights from that time, alongside the core role(s) I played in the production and delivery of each project.

Installation and AV Maintenance
Art as Problematic Waste (2020)
Installation shot of the Art as Problematic Waste Tryptych video by Aimo Hyvärinen and David Chapman,
Art as Problematic Waste, Tryptych video installation, Aimo Hyvärinen and David Chapman, Project Space
Installation and De-installation
Phase IV: Intersections - Art/Architecture (2020)
Installation shot of if, then Moses by Berenice Donszelmann. Fabric, zipper and aluminium, 370 × 625cm (floor, two parts)
Installation shot of "if, then Moses", Berenice Donszelmann, Stephen Lawrence Gallery
Graphic Design
Oscillations (2019)
Landscape poster for Oscillations, an exhibition by Russel Duke and Mark Long
Landscape poster design for "Oscillations", an exhibition of works by by Russel Duke and Mark Long
Graphic Design
Fast Forward to the Analogue (2019)
Poster desgn for Fast Forward to the Analogue
Poster design for "Fast Forward to the Analogue"
Pre-Production, Installation, and De-installation
School of Design End of Year Show (2019)
A gallery with posters, a tv screen, and computers installed
Graduate Film & TV students' display, Project Space
Curation, Design, Install & De-Install
528 (2019)
Photograph of works installed in 528 as seen from the entrance of the Heritage Gallery
Exhibition view of 528, Heritage Gallery
Curation, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design, and Marketing
New Alumni '19 (2019)
Poster design for New Alumni '19
Poster design for "New Alumni '19"
Installation and de-install
Sound/Image (2018)
Installation shot of Default mode network, Mhairi Vari and Pedro Pereira, 2018
Installation shot of "Default mode network", Mhairi Vari and Pedro Pereira, Stephen Lawrence Gallery


All images are licensed to University of Greenwich Galleries and Francesco Imola under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise stated. Works are licensed to individual artists. The best effort has been taken to ensure artworks and artists are correctly credited. If you find any errors, please let me know and I will correct them.