Looking, 2019

You’re on a casual dating app. You’re looking for your next hookup. Maybe someone to bring along to your friend’s baby shower next week. Aren’t you tired of interacting with people without a picture of their face?

No? Awesome, you are not familiar with Grindr (yet). Looking is what I made because I was tired of this.

We live in a society where queer people need to hide their face on dating and hookup apps for fear of being publicly outed. It speaks of how far we have come towards accepting LGBTQ rights—along with the sexual behaviours of LGBTQ people. And how far we (still) have to go to get to the point where no one will ever need to disguise who they truly are by posting a picture of their hairy chest instead of that of their beautiful face.

Looking was exhibited at square_one, the University of Greenwich Second Year Show 2019.

Here I talk about how the project came to life.