New Alumni '19

Built on the success of the previous year’s exhibition, New Alumni ‘19 focuses on four University of Greenwich graduates working in cross-disciplinary fields within the creative industries that impact on our environment and community. Hosted in the Project Space to the Greenwich Stockwell Street Building, New Alumni ‘19 coincided with Greenwich Portraits in the adjacent Stephen Lawrence Gallery. The exhibitions complemented each other to showcase the University’s support for both new and longstanding alumni.

I co-curated co-designed the exhibition alongside David Waterworth, Curator/Director at University of Greenwich Galleries. New Alumni included works and documentation of projects from John Joseph Watters, Grace Diggens, Marilia Lezou, and Rhiannon Ashley.

Poster design for New Alumni '19
Website graphic design for New Alumni '19
Project Space gallery, prints from Marilia Lezou on the right of the frame and a wall with the exhibition poster on the other
Installation shot of Marilia Lezou's work
Poster design for New Alumni '19
Installation shot of Grace Diggens and Rhiannon Ashley's work
Seayting space before the entrance of the exhibition from which we can wee the exhibitoon signage and posters
View of the exhibition signage and the seating area before the exhibition where visitors of both New Alumni '19 and Greenwich Portraits can rest


Works are licensed to the individual exhibitors. Exhibition designs and photographs are licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 License.