TEDx University of Greenwich

For the 2021 iteration of the TEDx University of Greenwich: Journeys, I collaborated with a small team of filmmakers, producers, and theatre experts to design and produce green-screens (stage flats) and a stage sign. These elements were central to the set design and served to filmmakers, who implemented virtual production techniques to film the event—in a way that had never been done before for a TEDx talk.

External contractors fabricated the screens while I produced the TEDx sign using a CNC router, beautiful theatre paints, lots of patience, and the invaluable help of Greenwich technicians.

Close-up of the TEDx University of Greenwich sign showing the letters places on the board
Photograph from the event behind the scenes with a person rehearsing their talk
View of the sign from the side, pictured in a workshop
Lopping GIF of the CNC machine imprinting the TED letters on a black MDF board

For Journeys I also translated the programme of talks into a responsive and highly-accessible website for the event attendees to stay informed of speakers, topics, and times. I followed TEDx branding while bringing the site’s visual language close to that of the University of Greenwich. I made it as lightweight as possible (internet signal in the venue is scarce, so I kept the site under 6KB) and built it so that it is accessible from any device and to all users.

Mockup of a phone and a laptop with the TEDx 2021 programme website in their viewports
mockup of a browser window showing the TEDx 2021 Programme website.


This photograph on this page is credited to TEDx University on Flickr. The TEDx Logo, visual design, and branding is licensed to TED. Source code for the 2021 Programme site is available on Glitch licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.