In The Aisles

In the Aisles is an interactive non-linear experience built around, and in homage of, the homonymous story by Clemens Meyer (later adapted into the movie In den Gängen). I built this site with Twine, an open-source tool for telling nonlinear stories, by combining several elements.

Crucial to the experience are the extracts from the story, interrupted by numerous PDF to HTML exports of sketches on paper illustrating how I imagined the narrated environment. These exports created natural errors “in translation” that I deliberately included as part of the experience. The site homepage also displays a GIF of a CAD model of a forklift, suggesting yet another link to the warehouse where the story takes place. The soundtrack you hear looped throughout the site is a piece of music I composed in response to reading the original story.

Screenshot of the site homepage
In the Aisles Homepage
Screenshot of one of the branches of the story
A branch of the story


Un-licensed under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication. I dedicate all copyright interests of this work to the public domain.