Three Years

In 2019, I downloaded the entire Twitter archive of over a thousand tweets from my old, now closed, account spanning nearly three years. I used this dataset to write a book, install it in an exhibition, and perform an uninterrupted 2:30 hrs live reading. As a believer in the power of journaling, I was interested in how presenting data as a stream of consciousness could tell the story of how it came to be published on social media.

Three Years was launched and read live on 23 March 2019 at Heritage Gallery, University of Greenwich Galleries. It was displayed as part of 528, a group show I co-curated with fellow students at the University of Greenwich.

To display the book, I handmade a custom single-bookshelf from a wooden pole in which the book is “slotted in” and installed this on a plinth. Designing Three Years was my first attempt at book design. Since then, I have created several more physical designs, including posters, booklets, signage, and exhibition catalogues.

Book Mockup
Three Years, Paperback
Three Years as installed at the 528 exhibition
Installation shot of Three Years at 528, Heritage Gallery
Photograph of works installed in 528 as seen from the entrance of the gallery
Three Years, diplayed as part of 528, Heritage Gallery




Three Years is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.