Three years

A collection of tweets from 2016 to 2019. All opinions are my own.

Just setting up my Twitter. #myfirstTweet Just posted a video 27/04 I just got into #reddit and...that’s crazy. Let’s see how long I’ll last. “Cozy rehearsal #abletonlive #traktor #music #djset #audio #mixing” “MAY 2016 #FEELS” “Reddit Italy is just...pure art. #reddit #trump #salvini #italians” Crazy nights YESTERDAY FEELS exclusive pre-order. Grab it here: 15:51 @ Cocullo “’Hold’ by Mountainking is out now Preorder Mountainking’s ‘FEELS’ EP - out May 22 - here” 23:08 at #springattitude “My new EP ‘FEELS’ is out now. Stream / download / enjoy” Mountainking’s latest EP ‘FEELS’ now available here “Limited ‘FEELS’ Cassette Edition available 13/06 Download/stream Mountainking’s ‘FEELS’ here‚Ķ” I discovered Black MIDI. Launchpad scripts vs sequencers #noway “19:30 NIAGARA #springattitude #springattitudewaves @ Palazzo dei Congressi Roma” 19/06/16 Excellent track Walden. 1854 19:10 @ Ceprano Petition: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum #NowPlaying Tooth Moves by Clark ‚ô´ I made a short summer playlist on Spotify featuring #deathgrips, #floatingpoints and others. Give it a listen: Just discovered this amazing band Fresh mixtape I made with tunes from #theblackdog #floatingpoints #italtek and others. “Summer, it’s been fun. #nowlistening Wild Nothing - Gemini (Full Album) via” @mountainkmusic has just made the perfect playlist to embrace autumn and get back to work: #NowPlaying Bon Iver is back with some real good material finally found the prime aesthetic source class Wine Court Love this city in the morning stacks @ Royal Liverpool University Hospital skylights warm days @ Upper Parliament Street Working on a new project out next year. Villa Huegel, Essen Just posted a photo @ Eisenmarkt Heumarkt, Cologne Kolumba Museum Dino Acid Crisis of Acid Computer Entertainment has just released a remix of ‘Anticipate’. Available here Grazie ai ragazzi di #rockit per la recensione di ‘FEELS’ We’re slowly getting there Busy Christmas time this year. ‘Buildings 1 & 2’ is finally on its way. I’m totally fine. A little preview of this thing which is coming out very soon. When you go back to the gym after months and they’re still playing the same exact playlist. Walking on the Docks a few days ago. Congrats to @blackmarblenyc. Their music has been such an inspiration. The new one from @si_bonobo is just perfect. #thelastmanonearth is turning out to be surprisingly interesting. Just created a weekly Spotify Selection with new releases and favourite records. Listen to it + follow here So @0PN is streaming a live on Instagram of him playing random videos on youtube. #genius New music out today. Check the link to listen + follow Just bought a camera. This is not going to end well. Never short of inspirations Still think this is one of the best records from last year In this week’s playlist: a selection of experimental electronic/ambient tunes. Check the link to listen + follow Out in the fields @ Prince’s Park, Liverpool I dream of this at night discovering something exceptional everyday Starting my new profile on 500px - available here - would love to hear some feedback ;) A great album by @bizcasual87 is out today Feel like #kuso will be easily forgotten soon. Late morning casual shots I just started following Ana Lapa on #Vimeo: I just liked ‚ÄúClockwise‚Äù on #Vimeo: This is so real #yassinfalafel @lucarautti did it again. #wicked Is going to eat chinese today a good idea? Watching #theexhibitionists. A kind of disturbed movie - weird but in a good way. Here’s a fair review of it “Ext. 2 NEW MUSIC OUT TOMORROW #yoffices #buildings1&2” @lucarautti one great one at least OK, it’s dropping now Make sure it’s loud. Hitting the empty roads. #liverpool @ Grove Street Really liking this new #MacDeMarco singles Shot this picture the other morning around #liverpool L8. Can’t believe I’m going to this guy’s gig at the @24KitchenStreet next march. I just started following Square on #Vimeo: An insane new a/v music video by Walter Corneli for ‘Building 1’ is out now #yoffices #buildings1and2 How come he’s always on point? These guys have been exceptional. Take a look at the results on the link below. @shlohmo makes some real good dining music They’re killing it #Sampha “Materials #yoffices @ University of Liverpool” I just uploaded ‚ÄúYoung Offices - Building 1 / Official Video by Walter Corneli‚Äù to #Vimeo: Switched from 500px to #Flickr. All my photos are available here now Just bumped into this record. Amazing work by @golden_donna Pub crawls are fun. @concretism_mus the indie version is better Listening to this album I’ve just picked because of the artwork - Simian Mobile Disco / Space Is Filled With Ringing Exploring the roofs last week. #itsliverpool @ Crown Place Really need to listen to this record once again #lone “It’s getting cold in here. #itsliverpool” Was shooting this while listening to #carseatheadrest I need to go out shoot some more pictures. This didn’t make it on ig but still quite like the framing. Listening to some good synthpop and electronica on @TheJupiterR00M here Please stop shooting photos of sunsets. This is neat @Fkjmusic - Skyline Sandon St. @ The Georgian Quarter Exploring the @GeorgianQuarter this early morning. Getting home @ London Road Treadmill music “Solid sounds here @feelmybicep MIXTAPE 69 | @Lone” #Liverpool’s Port Building from another perspective. Two years later still fresh 93 @ Liverpool Baltic Triangle I’m officially on #Fiverr now. Drop me a message there if you need a quick photo editing service London, St. Pancras Station @ St Pancras International Shot this at the St John Gardens a couple of days ago. Always get inspired when I bring my camera there. #itsliverpool #photography The Hipster Music Index by @TheAVClub ‘surprisingly’ looks like my perfect playlist I’ve just found the perfect Orange and Teal LUT. Transformers look I’m coming. #photoshopping Making my way between cans, puddles and spare shoes on a freezing cold morning just to lay down and frame this. At the Queens Docks here. #liverpool @ Queens Wharf “Just got to know about @postcron. My life will never be the same now.” Proud to start up on #Fiverr. Get in touch if you need any quick photo editing or translation English-Italian The Francis Crick Institute has this science labs with massive windows facing the street. @ The‚Ķ Been here for just an hour but probably took about 30 pictures. This is one. @ Kings Cross, London Loved this from the first play(d) Not exactly what I call a visual masterpiece, but I think the record is going to be incredible. This guy was doing some amazing fingerpicking but almost no one noticed. Anyone knows who he is? #KingsCrossStation Thanks to spotify radio again for making me discover things like this Still plants at the #Liverpool’s St John’s Gardens Adventurous sounds and electronic music for all tastes tomorrow evening on @TheJupiterR00M - I’m on it as well! Texas by the Mersey. #buymegapixelsnotfilm #itsliverpool Went to Google Maps and realized this whole street almost did not exist just two years ago. #liverpool Listening to tonight’s set discovering some true underground gifts thanks to @TheJupiterR00M - Listen here Missing both of @WildNothing gigs in town. When next? Petition: Change the University fees from ¬£9250 back to the ¬£3000 fee for the UK. When you take a great shot but it’s ruined by a Nissan Juke in the background. #LifeStories Wish I could clone stamp some 70’s Lambo instead of that Nissan Juke. Managed to make it look decent. #balticcreative #liverpool So I’ve recorded myself scrolling the timeline on Instagram. Lime Street Station, Liverpool @ Liverpool Lime Street Station This album was a gem - highly underrated I would watch this “@VEYU_band did it. Again.¬†” Three years ago I got this guy’s discography and found this unreleased treat #caribou Why people feel like anything said at a TED talk is true and to be followed? This goes on forever “You can call it mainstream and hipster and overrated, but this just good. Youth - Daughter” Still remember going to this cosy Squarepusher gig in Rome a couple of years ago. Amazing atmosphere. Tea goes with milk. Pleased to have been at this gig yesterday shooting some amazing bands in front of a sub cab.‚Ķ Grove Street at dusk - need to come here with the camera next time. #itsliverpool Much appreciated this feature on Mike’s show. Definitely check out his mixcloud - hours and hours of some of the best electronica out there. BRAAAMs. BRAAAMs everywhere. #stopthismadness This has been on loop since if found this band last week Very slightly edited. #itsliverpool Everyone pretending to like #Guinness today. @DepartmentEss Eventually downloaded the whole discography. Wordpress or Joomla? Only requirements: just don’t want my site to look like a blog and load fast - very few plugins. Did I mention this album is brilliant yet? Been asked if Italian’s hand gestures are a real sign language. Blasting sinewaves into my guitar pedals and then again into a loop. Sorry neighbours. #feedbackisnice Just put bit reduction to 1bit on almost every channel. Spring is here and I’ve got a cold. Refreshing sounds Life is kinda like that cardio machine at the gym that’s got neverending steps and it’s always a sweat. Next time someone asks what’s a perfect album from start to finish: #sugarman So far today I’ve walked for 2 hours, lost an SD card somewhere in Everton, eaten a sandwich and photographed a shopping cart on the floor. Took a photo of a van full of racing pigeons today. #whataday On point. Beautiful exhibition at the @walkergallery - go have a look if you can. @nathanfake + visuals from @flate = Unforgettable gig in Liverpool, tonight. And tomorrow Liverpool Uni @BandSoc finals at the @cavernliverpool. Smart Objects have saved my life. Great players tonight at the #botbfinal of Liverpool’s @BandSoc. The photography on @kendricklamar’s new video is just perfect. #Humble Couple of shots taken at #NathanFake’s gig last Thursday. I’ve posted more here @oscillik It’s a Panasonic micro 4/3 with a 25mm Back to the place in just about 10 days. #Italy Randomly felt the need to listen to this again. #fatimayamaha Turns out #GoogleMaps has got a Pacman “street-version” on it. Did I miss something? “Some of the pictures I’ve taken at the @cavernliverpool last Friday during #BOTBFINALS. More here” Floating Points’ set on #ResidentAdvisor on a Sunday. #whatelse Finally building this website and it’s looking neat. @oscillik @ThresholdFest @24KitchenStreet Man, I’m stepping back here. These are looking great! Good to see they’ve put at least a stage light since last week. Never getting enough bit reduction. “Still digging music I made over a year ago. Feels good.” On a morning walk in Edge Hill last week. Defo this is going to be one of the best live albums of 2017. Talking about brilliant artists LCD Soundsystem give us a new record please. Soon. Release of the month #Actress #AZD It’s Liverpool’ spring season. #itsliverpool “This could go on loop forever.” Was late for my train here but just had to get those final rushed shots at other worried commuters. Pure beauty Can’t finish insulting Apple and their products that I eventually buy another one from them. Come down to the @81renshaw this June. Three brilliant acts. I’m playing some tunes in-between, included the theme from The Banana Splits. That’s the Altare della Patria on the background. #rome @LOFIVE_ I know ClyphX does stuff like this. Just finishing retouching the mix and it’ll be ready soon. Impressive Woke up with the worst headache today. Hope this will help “Man.” Think I’ve probably made the perfect mix of music to listen while feeding seagulls. First Telefon Tel Aviv track in eight years and it’s amazing whistles, whistles Some brilliant new tracks on this And the best album opening goes to Hit after hit Sounds neat, I’ll bounce it. Coming out tomorrow if all’s good. Exciting plans for tonight: eating pizza with @TheJupiterR00M on the background. Finally sharing this rework that’s been on it’s way for a while. It’s available to stream + download (for free) here With that being said, If you’ll ever need an album cover drop me a message anywhere on the internet. The sound design on this is amazing “Love that when you press Tweet on @IndianBells’ last track it automatically writes “”omg best album ever”” for you” I am going to map 150 MIDI parameters on a sleepless Sunday night because computer music is beautiful. @LOFIVE_ @fourculture @DepartmentEss live from @ProbeRecords On loop. I made a 6-hours selection for @GetintothisHQ with EVERYONE playing at this year’ @SoundCity festival. Listen here: Off to New Brighton for @NBSeasideFest this Sunday. What’s the best way to get there from Liverpool? Love that my phone constantly keeps killing every sd card I put in. Bloke walking down with inflatable girl live from Bold St. Well done So sad to hear this Massive doodle jump arcade at the airport. Pretty rad stuff. #NI always one step ahead: Amazing how people still fail to realize climate change is real. on repeat Quick listen to the new one from @alt_J . Slow, steady. Empty but brilliant at the same time. Short experiment with Warner Bros toy film camera and Kodak ColorPlus 200. look at that Thanks Spotify for reminding me of my hilarious musical taste Just found out Broccoli is the sixth most misspelled word in the English language. @Ex_Dogana, about a week ago. Feeling psychedelic? Here’s a playlist for @GetintothisHQ with all music from @LPoolPsychFest 2017 + more news: swell selection Brilliant work from two long time friends doing some great things on their side. I just started following @lucarautti on #Vimeo: digging this #Everything Everything last, successful, musical attempt They now sell records for 6.99 at ALDI. Finally some meaningful emails. @LOFIVE_ @boctransmission @bocpages @WarpRecords @Skamrecords @twoism @WATMMOfficial Nice to see I’m not the only who didn’t bin Tomorrow’s Harvest after the first listen. Customer Service: nailed it ‚úì Summer 2017 be like. The moment you realize you’ve just washed your headphones with the laundry. Tried them now. They’re fine. Time to listen to this Google thinking they can reply for me. Still doing a great job at reading my mind, though. #googlesmartreply I’m overlapping some tunes this Saturday at Emotion Wave 9. See you there. And bring a friend. I posted a picture with a cat. Bully me. A new prime 70mm has just landed in my camera bag. Which means only one thing. Portraits, portraits, portraits. Selling my pair of HS7 for downgrade - yep downgrade - at mates rates. First come first served. We need more music like this what a mix Boss Google’s doodle today. The weather being so nice the other day. Heading down to @FACT_Liverpool for their new exhibition. Been told it’s amazing. “Much needed in-depth piece on how tinnitus can affect your life as a musician.” @concretism_mus A session that didn’t crash every 10 minutes? Today is the day. The Pied Head is finally strong and stable. #ArmedForcesDay Thanks to everyone who came down and enjoyed last night. It was boss. #emotionwave @Aerospherix Be for next time. @LOFIVE_ said he’s got some dope artists coming in. sad but true I’ll start watching Twin Peaks next week. From the beginning. Never did. Only for the intrepid musician. Had a good fun taking pictures at the @alphamaleTparty album launch last Friday. Gallery, and words from Joe Giess, at the link below. Finally! Been waiting for @porticoquartet to realease a new album for ages. This first single is spot on! Spent 90 minutes on a pretentious experimental track that I’m now going to delete. Real estate being just amazing! Sound It’s real. Lovely selection on @TheJupiterR00M tonight. Thanks for including my music! This @stephenjbuckley mix here is a thing of beauty. Just watched Manchester by the sea. Way over my expectations. A true classic. I’ve just dropped a sample of Trump saying China into a granulator sampler. Amazing results. The new one from The Drums is a masterpiece. Said goodbye to my HS7s today. Pretty sad day. #gottaloveit “Making a record while you got carpenters next door. Challenge accepted.” Such an underrated album On the couch for @splitmovie. Legit Another reason for loving @ghostly üôå So long, @TheSkinnyNorth. A no-fuss, always fresh and on-point magazine. Went to snap some pictures¬†at @realestateband (bananas¬†included) for @GetintothisHQ last week. üî•üî• Pop record of the year. @oscillik @negativefb Brilliant works. Been following for a while. Neat. This is pretty much my whole music collection in three nights. #FujiRock2017 This new remix of @mountkimbie from @palmstrax is PRIME. Gangsta “Watching the Truman Show. For the first time.” @DepartmentEss @LOFIVE_ That Philip Glass score is something... @oscillik Can you change the spacing to make it more aesthetic? Anyone knows how to run audio through the Arturia Modular V? Made a second ambient-happy drone-techno track today. Thinking of a double single release later this summer. Buzzcut + red Nike tracksuit. I’m ready to throw the hardest rave of 1996. “Shooting Nas while singing NY State of Mind ‚úì Review + gallery below.” One of his best records up to date. A must listen. @oscillik Whish it’d exist. Or maybe I haven’t been digging enough. Go ‘ed. A 99p cone costs 99p, not 2.50 Ghost in the Shell. Sci-fi done right. Over every expectation. #gits Said goodbye to 500px today. It’s become more of a hobbyist community obsessed with popularity challenges than a true photo sharing platform Agree The recommended section on youtube sometimes can do magic things. Like showing this. My hopes to create a virtual photobook in css have died in less than a minute. Out today. Tune in at 2 pm (BTS) Listen loud with a pair of old hi-fi speakers. @Aerospherix Hope you’re enjoying it. I’m putting all my SoundCloud-only tracks on Bandcamp. You know, just to be safe. @Aerospherix Cheers man, much apreciated. Tortellini ricotta e spinaci. The moment you realize some of your british fellas have travelled Italy more than you did. And you’re from Italy. @apparatofficial Daje Excited to share this huge collection of music from my past projects, collabs, remixes, and outtakes. Grab it here The perfect late night record @Aerospherix Adlib does student placements. Game of Thrones is just a soap opera for those who are not brave enough to watch a soap opera. “Better than Twin Peaks. Better than Breaking Bad. Better than Doctor Who. A masterpiece. Since 1987.” Stand with me against the abuse of the Clarity slider on Lightroom. Can finally say from personal experience: working at a golf club is nothing like #RedOaks. This is beautiful. “@IndianBells has done it again.” Such a great selection from @mixmag. Has been on repeat for the past couple of months. @LOFIVE_ It this just the first song? Such a *great* time at Liverpool Central today. @PlinketyPlink Yep. About two months ago. Making my way into the bush. Requiem for a Dream tonight. This was very appreciated Mixing some fresh weird overly long tracks this week. 2007 here I come. This is how you make a music video #vessels Has anyone edited Ormskirk on top of the Dunkirk’s poster yet? If you think Dunkirk was good you haven’t seen the Emoji movie yet. This came out of nowhere @laure77 The Bold and the Beautiful Had a walk around the @LiverpoolMet today. “Here we go” Nice bunch of tracks from @iamwinterson. All for free. Thanks for putting them available. I just searched for top things to do in Blackpool. Google almost crashed. bliss Nice feature about Liverpool music on this @nationalexpress summer mag. Father Ted. @LiverpoolAudioM @nationalexpress Was on the NE The View magazine that you can find only on board, at least I think. Leeds was ace. Best fish and chips I’ve had in a while. Nutella. On a pizza. Haters gonna hate. Had a meal I can barely pronounce the name at @Bakchich_ and it was was good. Proper good. I like to imagine that it’s not yet the end for @ModeratOfficial. Am I alone? never change, never change, never change Lake District looking sweet. Windermere was boss today. Took loads of snaps. The Emoji Movie is arguably the best feature film ever. What a time to be alive! That Twin Peaks mood. This place is snappers heaven. Yes I do listen to Coldplay. The one and only Google Maps: Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes - Sign the Petition! Great, good to know! mount kimbie, mount kimbie, mount kimbie, @mountkimbie 2017 everyone What’s wrong with twitter today? #whotofollow @ghostly pls make doggo memes great again Such a brilliant selection from @rivalconsoles here “””Smart egg tricks to help you in the kitchen”” Wants you to wrap an egg with a shirt sleeve and shake it for 10 mins. Ok, Sure.” Whoop whoop! Added a new section on my website where I share a weekly mix of tracks I’m listening to. Head over to A song in the new ep has a granulated, repitched, reverberated and delayed sample of Trump saying China. Back to Fargo. Season 2. Where I left two years ago. The day has arrived. #GoogleDoodle teaching dj skills. Congrats to @fussband for putting out a wicked gig this Friday. I was there to shoot some photos for @GetintothisHQ time flies How did I miss out on watching “Her” for all this time? @oscillik Missed this one too! I’m guilty of watching only low-budget, overrated tv series for ages. @oscillik @LOFIVE_ Is this a thing? Please tell me it’s a thing! Hey @SpotifyCares, is there any way you could transfer all my playlist and followers to a new account? @oscillik @LOFIVE_ Cinemaphonic Quadrovision. I’m sold. Hit the spot! 2/3 mixes are done. Hope I’ve managed to picture @stealingsheep talent, energy and pastel colors as I experienced it yesterday. Pics for @GetintothisHQ These are the polls I love Solid tune @LOFIVE_ @ebgbsliverpool @LQDNatHeebies @BidoLito @Dave_Monks @PeoplesMomentum Sounds cool, might drop by if I can! “Disappearing” So the Guardian shares a live stream of the Big Ben’s final bong at midday and the audio goes off right at the decisive moment. #niceone Discovered this by mistake today What do you do when your wifi is not working? Obviously you set up a loop and run it through a tape machine emulation for 8 times in a row. Does Ryanair allow you to make sick beats on your laptop while onboard? Cause that’s what I’m planning to do. These guys are boss - can confirm! @LOFIVE_ I reckon it’ll stay in the history of electronic music just like an 808 or Juno did. Brilliant machine, maybe I’ll get it one day. Majestic. @Aerospherix Thanks pal! Think I’ve got this superpower to recognize other italians from miles away. Do you reckon is worth something? New album tomorrow! Can’t wait for another classic from @porticoquartet @DepartmentEss Sure it’ll be sound, I’ll make it work! Defo wanna stay updated with what’s up in the northwest btw - all the best stuff comes out of here. So glad we bumped into this in Rome today. Me standing in front of a giant painted wall, 2017. üî•üî•ü† < 3 See you later? This thing is still around from ages ago. Solid tune here @mountkimbie have raised the bar once again. Guys, it’s just excellent. when memes get real Tight I see some similarities here. What do you think, @The_xx ? Listening to Fennesz only for 5 hours straight has cleared my mind. Michael Caine backs Brexit because ‘I’d rather be master of my own fate’ I know you don’t think I know Want a great Italian tutor that’ll help you get the grips with the language, online or in London? I’m here Finally a full-length documentary on Sound Design in films and its storytelling power new EP will go live this Friday. In the meantime you can preorder + download/listen to “Distance” here Lots of expectations from King Krule after his last two singles. Will this new album be worth the waiting? Currently experiencing police officers ordering at Nando’s. Simply brilliant 21 awesome tracks made with modular synths I’ve put 8 months of work into this. I really hope you like it. @Aerospherix thanks man! Deer-spotting in Richmond Park. Please Twitter don’t kill minimalism. yes yes yes yes So here’s a whopping playlist for @GetintothisHQ featuring music from The Fall’s entire discography. @fallnews Looking forward to @NBHDFestival? Here a 6-hour selection for @GetintothisHQ with music from this year’s festival Classic Exploring frames as subjects. A Beatles cover band? Really? Evening discoveries How to enhance mobile interactions with sound design So I discovered @Medium. My daily bus commute will never be the same again. Four Tet’s new album is perfect for ironing. #NewEnergy What I learned from building a program without code Quality @Aerospherix Cheers Dan. The blog it’s still a bit of an experiment I’ve just set up for my course, hope to share more stuff soon. God of AV, Ryoji Ikeda at #180thestrand. #EverythingAtOnce was an incredible and unexpected treat. Why Ryoji Ikeda’s latest audiovisual @TheStoresDotCom x @TheVinylFactory commission is an unmissable experience Looking at an entire high school class in line till outside the door at McDonald’s is disheartening. This pdf I just downloaded it’s made up of pictures of someone holding open every page of a 130-page-long book. Celebrating Tom Petty with 20 of his most memorable songs @GetintothisHQ New camera bag’s here! Can finally fit all my stuff and bring it around anywhere I am. Also bought an Ilok, but that’s not as exciting. Here comes the long-awaited release day for my new EP. Listen or grab your digital copy here Challenge of the week: create a deprecated tag-only web page to experience what it feels to browse the internet in 1999. Just found this beatiful gem by @FortRom x @ghostly “Dark Sky always make the best soundtrack to the daily commute.” ASCII art is fun Interesting to see how many layers of machine learning and language recognition run behind a single Spotify playlist @Aerospherix That’s a great shout - thanks pal. How is your Lpool music meetup going instead? Never boring. What is like to use Facebook without numbers. The Demetricator is now my favourite internet tool Listen here to GIT selection of greatest heartbreak songs Designing for non-visual interfaces Priceless I would have fainted. The story of the Mac startup chime My latest mad project: (h) - An Ongoing Collection of Sound Trademarks When you happen to google yourself and your website comes up just under an online obituary. #lifegoals Rule number 1: don’t ask me for change when you got better shoes than mine. Sat on a bench by the Thames. Release of the week Southbank, last week. “Morning caffeine” ‘There’s no future for taxis’: New York yellow cab drivers drowning in debt In the category: When photographers discover electronic music @__SHIGETO ‘s got the vibes. The history of the world’s most famous character, the Ampersand @LivMusicWeek is here. Get hyped with this whopping playlist for @GetintothisHQ Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design “Today in sequence: 1. Debit card damaged 2. Missed a lecture 3. Walked for 60 mins 4. Bank branch had their system down 5. Finally home.” Remember Habbo Hotel? @oscillik 2006 here we come New exhibition Are We All Addicts Now? explores Digital Addiction, Hyperconnectivity and the Power of Networks This somehow made me happy. Knowing that beautiful things can begin from next to nothing. Thanks dude. Can’t wait to hear what @oscillik ‘s playing tomorrow. Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing The Kinect Today I’ve recorded a squirrel. Industrial bliss, tune in. This meme is beatiful. This is where I recorded and mixed the album and all the gear I used. < 3 I see traffic cones on people’s balconies. Trump breaks Twitter‚Äôs rules, so why not ban him? Truth right here. Live 10 is everything I could ask for. Thanks @Ableton. Selfliking “Time Spend Away From U is an absolute gem.” @LOFIVE_ Donk version of ligeti = immediate purchase Pizza Mozzarella, Rocket, and spicy ‘nduja. perfection Internet art is more alive than ever The struggle with Pure Data and building my first patch. @Aerospherix generative music here we come! When technology meets the artist. Being very careful with the processing power The genealogy of computer as an expressive medium Got the digital preorder for this gem of an album today. Massive selection and a great cause. let’s say it all together: What a great implementation Apple, really loving it. #rootbug A difficult relationship between algorithms and code Silvio Headroom is finally back. Online drawing and first steps with p5.js better not pout Missing the Albert Dock on Christmas time. lcd soundsystem’s hi-hats I released some new music today How come I’ve never thought of this I just liked ‚Äúsyn_‚Äù on #Vimeo: @DepartmentEss it is - I love Kurokawa’s works This is the best Christmas present. Been playing a bit with long exposures today. @Aerospherix thanks Please follow me along this insane project. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto announce new album Glass Been featured in this year’s Emotion Wave Community playlist with lots of other - pretty darn good - musicians. Many thanks to @LOFIVE_ Listen here this must have been good Thursday Afternoon Thoughts on improving Web Audio Finally Not in GF menu though for some reason. this was happening Great to know what film music inspires the work of such brilliant musicians longly gone Under the rain at the @southbankcentre today. Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime (10 hours Ambient Mix) Whoop whoop! Top selection from @GetintothisHQ Breaking Through: Yaeji Chinese whispers in the modern age Blessed to have been part of such inspiring and dedicated team. So many gigs and great memories. In the piece below there are a couple of pictures I’ve taken of @realestateband and @stealingsheep - amonsts many other ace works from fellow snappers. Bought my dad a masterpiece for Christmas - hope at least he‚Äôll give this a go. Going through some of the shots I took this year. This was at Lake District in August. “Might as well fall in” Never gets old. Plans for 2nite Have a great one x bless the rains down in Africa Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas is You (20 mins Ambient mix) “Made a whoppping playlist for the grown-ups who ain’t sick of Christmas yet. Not the cheesy shopping mall one.” Oh, the English countryside. “Listening to this in an actual airport.” Second day in Italy and I’ve had more food than in a week at uni. Didn’t imagine photographing museums was such a big deal Love it or leave it. ‚ÄòCheck your privilege‚Äô used to annoy me. Now I get it | Gaby Hinsliff Perfect relationships be like Still remember kicking off 2017 with such an enjoyable collab This made my day. @nathanfake “Corners.” The soundtrack to the newest Black Mirror really is something. Putting together something special Golden hour + a great model. To Rome Stumbled upon Phosphor by @robert_henke here in Rome today. obv Riveting article What does it mean to be a man in 2017? “Nothing like an hour-long shot of a washing machine going full-cycle over the soundtrack of Michael Nyman better describes my hopes for 2018. #WashingMachineFilm” “Friend: How was your nye? Me:” Ain’t missing this next time. Good news for us commuters eventually @oscillik Tfl being like: Oops someone over a the NR pissed off thousands of commuters - let’s make it seem like we’re actually giving people a hand with a rather useless 16-busses-in-1-hour hopper discount. New year’s resolutions @0PN love that clip My mind lately Why should Italians be offended by some rip-off pretentious food chain marketing? “@BATHSmusic BUT NOW WE ONLY FEATURE CATS” “Sends CV Gets contacted 0.25 secs later with a positive offer.” @LiverpoolAudio_ Nothing major, but thanks Dan! @LOFIVE_ Should try to climb with a VR kit on, heard it’s pretty exciting. What happens when we unlearn This is the best birthday present. @LOFIVE_ wait, which episode? Youtube these days For the braves “Why did I find out about this band just now?” @rickjleach that’s a proper record Home Depot Tile Section sounds like the perfect Alt Jazz band name. Nailed it. “Playlist of the year” Italian pop at its best Blue Train Lines’ first take be like. I mixed Pino D’Angi√≤ with Autechre. Please don’t eat spicy Doritos on the bus. Straight from the soil. Best tweet of the week. Have you ever even watched a fishing competition? Right such an underrated tweet My new job involves taking passport pictures. How Can Fries Be Real If Chips Aren’t Real? and then this 25 mins talk about BEDS. Amazing. Maybe I should start planning a trip to France this spring. great news Tutto molto bello. this may be the beginning of something incredible “Rough, great new music from @nathanfake. Kicks in from the first listen.” The kids are doing good. The sky over London today really was something of beauty. Just realised Good Time in on Netflix. Go watch it. @0PN’ score is incredible. Deconstructing functions @si_bonobo WAS HERE My mix for @TheJupiterR00M is going live this Thursday night - also thanks to the hard work of @DepartmentEss. Tune in on Fourculture radio at around 10pm. Which criticism should you listen to? Can’t miss this music history class right here Realisations “What we were all waiting for” Dear @caribouband, any chance of ever seeing the Tour CDs up on Spotify? This is great. Thanks again Mike. A personal insight into an art practice in constant motion Brilliant To become a fully naturalised English you have to be consuming at least three bags of crisps a day. @TheJupiterR00M has finally kicked in “Better if enjoyed with: 1. Cup of English breakfast 2. Couch 3. Fairy lights” Do check out Providence Reworks: Part II - some true gems in there Again, thanks a lot to @TheJupiterR00M for welcoming my music into tonight’show. Keep listening here @MrDanFisherJ Good luck mate. In a difficult relationship with this city. Website of the day Here lies Fran. He was going to be full of love for the real stuff. “@nilsfrahm at his best:” please provide me with words to describe this line-up Definitely deserved. I made something interactive ‚ÄúI always aim for a kind of timelessness and in my subjective perception timelessness means avoiding things and sounds. This is a much more difficult task than vice versa.‚Äù Here tonight. “For this project, I felt it was important to interview the artists in their home. When I first met two members of Figs in Wigs, they showed me around the ex-morgue and coroner‚Äôs office that they live in.” Ambient music is 40 via @FACTmag I’ve started a new blog where I brag about music My mix for @TheJupiterR00M is now up on Mixcloud, for your listening pleasure! Just bought tickets to Tunnel Visions’ “Array” @BarbicanCentre “That’s the difference between a startup and a restaurant or a barbershop. You fry eggs or cut hair one customer at a time. Whereas if you solve a technical problem that a lot of people care about, you help everyone who uses your solution. That’s leverage.” Paul Graham in 2004. Sliders and checkboxes as colours on a canvas Pristine I’m in. Originality is nonexistent Made some changes to my personal blog today. Posting all my future writings up here “The sound design in this” Lovely. So pumped for this. Why do we love randomness so much Making history once again. tune “It was a sunny afternoon.” Found this yesterday “Raymond reused his happy poop swirl as the top of the ice cream cone. Now that you know, bet you‚Äôll never forget.” Found this in perfect conditions for a bargain. Can’t wait to shoot a test roll. Someone in the flat below is blasting Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls. Why your thoughtful discretion on social media is a bad habit Still so terribly good. Wrote a few lines about the human voice in contemporary music. Short insight into the world of data visualisation arts If you put a directional microphone as close as possible to the back of your freezer and listen, you may be getting something that sounds like the beginning of this Headline of the century. Wish I was a straight Trump supporter I’d have made good use of this. Reminds me a bit of Eno’s graphical score of Music for Airports. next album will be only music for hair saloons. or music for charcoal grills or music for solicitors’ waiting rooms. I’m actually impressed I actually enjoy the music at McDonald’s. Music for low cost domestic flights with breakfast included. I bought myself a beanie. This is what happens when you lie about your “excellent problem-solving skills” on your cv. McCain + scouse accent + diversity = advert of the year “absolute hit” Undoubtedly some of the best tunes I’ve heard in a long while. make your move @BATHSmusic This first roll of film is goooood. Surprised by how even a 15 yo can grow a moustache better than me. Such a proper gig tonight. Grazie @IndianBells Another one from the first roll. only love for the @HardDriveMag Should we even bother storing data forever? I made a synth running in the browser using Web Audio API Think I’ve experienced the Internet in its entirety today thanks to @jacksfilms Beatiful little mix from the man himself, @alvanoto. Listening to James Blake’s early works and loving them grooves. “Hopefully, the act of coming out will be less dramatic in the near future, as we all become more comfortable with the idea that identity is a fluid concept.” Nobody needs another half-free poorly designed and underdeveloped social network. #ripvero Wish I was free to shoot a roll with this beautiful landscpe today. Freezing outside innit? Patrick Star and 32k others. Tweet of the week. Modern days masterpiece. This is so messed up but somewhat unsurprising of American Christian Worshippers. Autechre flyer from 1996. Having some fun with this today Cambridge was beautiful today. After years of firewire struggles, I’m finally getting hold of a decent USB audio interface and I’m surprisingly excited. So much beauty in this Ah! Not a surprise the NME is ceasing publication seen the quality of content they’ve been putting out in the past two years. Pushing the same circle of not-so-niche artists till it gets old. On a nostalgia trip tonight “Trree Apple employees walked or ran into the ultra-transparent glass hard enough to require emergency medical treatment during the first month of occupation”. Neglecting ourselves the power of hugs is not doing us good. Turning my computer and smartphone screens to greyscale for a week. No colour, and no cheating (if not for important visual editing). Will keep the twitter posted. #greyscalechallenge Relate so much to this. passionately listening to smash mouth Can’t believe how much my editing has improved in such a short span of time, considering I started this photography thing only last year. Been using @bengrosser’s tools for a while now. My social networks have maybe become a little less cluttered, minimalist, but the greatest realisation is that I don’t feel to be missing anything at all. Most probably a response to the pointlessness of metrics. Thanks @apparatofficial for making me dance for 3+ hours without a rest. Couldn’t have asked for more. FutureSex/LoveSounds is the album of this millennium. Up at night inside the app listening to I wish I was brave enough to ride a push scooter at my age. Perfect reverb doesn’t exi... MIDI is 30 years old. People are able to write great MIDI programs in their basement, but Digidesign/Avid still can’t get it right in their overpriced DAW. Subharmonic dreams New music is only made of frequencies from 13KHz and above. Preach. @LOFIVE_ I wish my life would be as interesting as @L0RDRAJA instagram stories. < 3 Stack Overflow’s hot questions. Hi, it’s Francesco. Here’s a playlist with my fav tunes I’ve been listening to in this cold season while on and off the studio - have a listen at: When you realise @jacquesgreene released all the stems from Feel Infinite last year and you knew nothing about it <3 Purposely glitched this pic via text-editor and got some amazing results. This Will be forever grateful to @maxrichtermusic for composing Sleep. @LOFIVE_ No, I didn’t Neil. But have seen some tutorials on glitching GIFs with Processing - might experiment with that in the future. I have already printed out dozens. minimalism isn’t the middle-class over 40yo white man music most people believe to be - great to see some recognition given where it’s due maybe playing in v big multichannel auditorium later this spring New job involves taking film out of the canister. Music For Treadmills With Incorporated TV Sets. keeping it minimal obv not pumped at all. contemporary art at its best New song composed on JavaScript. Sometimes I wonder why often those who focus their career on building music tools are the least creative when it comes to music-making. Maybe it’s because actual musicianship gets lots in the way when one focuses on DIY, coding, and engineering projects. Summarising: tool-makers are not always to be equated with being skilled musicians just because they create their own instruments. What my dreams sound like breathing in Rising pads. @markprtchrd you’ve done an amazing job again brother, love this record so much ...10 years later history rh me irl summer edition Constantly descending pitches. when @nathanfake was inside the app Music heals every pain. Taking a moment to appreciate how actually beautiful are the prints on London buses’ seats. Ghost snare hunting session. LIFE MOTTO Somewhere in South East London. A fun jam from a few years back Stepping up my game w some serious gear. Saddening to see the state of that platform today. A theme park in decadence. “THIS TRACK” There’s days I wish I was a brutalist architect. modern Impressionism happy birthday to the radio I’m in love with 24/7 @NTSlive Time to move on. #deletefacebook ‚ù§ a museum of endangered utility sounds “If you feel lost along the way, ask for help because there are so many people that want to help.” This track is something up for a great one tonight Them folks over at the @BarbicanCentre have the Electronic playlist for excellence McDonald’s now plays Philip Glass. New API controlled Javascript composition sounds very much like Music for Airports. When is too much reverb enough reverb? What’s wrong with those who think is acceptable to still play River Flows in You on every street piano. Going Places. WELCOME TO ENGLAND Still better than my 21st ‚ô• Buff Working on a genre different than usual I’ve realised that overly cratfed music isn’t my cup of tea. It defo shows tecnique but it isn’t in my spirit. People want to see you sweat when playing an instrument, they want to see the effort you put in. Ain’t giving them that. So lucky I receive spam messages about new Chicken Shops opening soon. Just so to say. Borrowed a book about noise. It’s obviously all black. Digging this one a lot today. Life feeling like that point and click game that you bought yourself but realise it actually ain’t your genre and you’re past the money back guarantee date. üåπ Film roll I had in my camera for the past two months is finally developed. Rich Tea Biscuits What waking up thinking bout synthesisers feels like. Feeling v welcome into this club. erm... “if you can‚Äôt then you don‚Äôt handle me deserve me at my at my” ONE. LOVE. Got my bus ride back sorted. üéπ Having the loveliest afternoon debugging web apps. Cutest tweet yet Feeling so proud. @rivalconsoles reconfirms to be my fav artist for 3 consecutive years Took the time to revisit this gem today. Make sure you listen to A Seat At The Table if you haven’t already. Music To Enjoy Tuna And Sweetcorn Sandwiches To. This is how I feel. Listening to Brian Eno on the treadmill. Had a great time looking at acoustic panels yesterday. since when ‘breakbeat’ is not ‘dancefloor’ no more? Today I step into adulthood. I bought myself a plant. Music For Growing Ferns. #YourVoteMatters visual storytelling is beyond words here I love how these Twitter suggestions are “tailored for me” By the way, oh baby by @lcdsoundsystem and Amphis by @lukeabbottmusic mesh so seamlessly someone should put those in a mix rn. I have a thing for loud bursts. ROCHDALE LADS Ya’ll listen to this beauty Is this Osho or Kanye tweeting? @L0RDRAJA “Each semester, for their final paper, I have them purchase a term paper from an online paper mill and sign their name to it [...]. Students then must get up and present the paper to the class as if they wrote it themselves.”¬† Shady days are coming One more still. Too many people in this busy world don’t care about their kettles enough. quality nostalgic tweets Exactly what I’ve had for dinner “üåπ” tell me more Staccato violins. “Absolute tune” Flying over your heads today I HAVE A DREAM Here, again When you find out about the app Darkest nightly doubts @LOFIVE_ @DepartmentEss this has been bothering me recently for some unknown reason please lets discuss it “Works at: myself” @LOFIVE_ @DepartmentEss Ok. Ok. Now I see. No matter how many people roll their eyes at you and act as if you are an outcast, it is never just you. You have company. People with MAGA hats. In South-East London. This. 1979 was the year. “1. Take pen 2. Take paper 3. Find a good spot 4. Draw” New song features unpredicted swearings and an insane amount of noise bursts. Choose your fighter Why am I listening to Gerry & The Pacemakers at this time of the night. Those times you wish you had a day off work only to listen to online radio. “ART RIGHT HERE MY FRIENDS I miss this place so much.” starting to think @oscillik is actually the man behind @archillect “Never enough of this” midnight chaos, eternity chaos, morning chaos, eternity chaos, noon chaos, eternity chaos, evening chaos, midnight chaos, eternity chaos, morning chaos, eternity chaos, noon chaos, evening chaos, eternity chaos, midnight chaos, eternity chaos, morning chaos, eternity chaos. Freedom and other stories. patiently waiting for @ghostly at night to come back someone has to play this in a club the gang Here’s why minimalism means so much to me @alvanoto unieqav is a must listen my bank holiday jam profound hate for those today I am dreaming I wrote something about noise in music Gave a listen to #Singularity with a pair of Genelec and boy is it album of the year yet? “I often think I‚Äôve only ever had two ideas, and I keep finding new approaches to them. And each time I do, I think, Wow, this is really new! But it actually isn‚Äôt. It‚Äôs the same idea from a different angle.” B. Eno me listening to Seefeel Screenshots from upcoming av internet art project. Sound and visuals generated from predefined or user-selected youtube videos. #av Feeling permeated. my almost-too-philosophical take on ambient music “< 3” proud of this here is how the project works Black Mirrors’ Metalhead is getting real late night ambience how not having tv on the #Eurovision night feels like German website design at its peak. #vrr “ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed” me at times <3 “Given the known cognitive and socio-emotional advantages that learning to play an instrument confers upon young kids, it‚Äôs worth paying close attention to the British musicians‚Äô plea for more universal and free music education.” wave like makka pakka @Amaaniac nice work @Amaaniac Spending the afternoon trying to smartly hide scrollbars on a website. Despite personally knowing great music writers doing amazing at their job, this is still a recurring theme that needs addressing. #writingisanart “””the minute you start to release music, it‚Äôs time to¬†step away from the critical pen. You are now inherently in competition with the people you‚Äôre writing about, even if they work in other genres””” Italian and I approve this. Need to taste asap. Just in time Me vs @ghostly online store. Boys Sweatz “üåπ” My morning commute is now finally sorted. ducks, pigeons and good vibes ‚ù§ tidebreaker “‚ù§ one like = free song request to @oscillik” How have I missed this beauty Today I decided to download all my Facebook data. Needless to say, I am staggered. Facing the load of data Facebook has collected about you since you joined the platform is quite shocking. Everything’s there. (a thread) Every location you shared, message you’ve exchanged, comment you’ve posted, your search history, your entire phone address book, all the posts you’ve liked, as well as photos and videos. “It’s been so long that I’ve been putting off deleting my account. In the past few years Facebook has influenced my mental health to such a degree it was becoming negatively addicting. Today I’ve decided to take myself off the platform. Here you can too” London today. did somebody say #GDPR? If you’re in London make sure you pop in here - definitely one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen this year Why does Bromley remind me of Birkenhead? quality writing these days Eventually coming back to this every once in a while agree Playing Chatham, Kent this Friday Nice to see the Italian electronic panorama gaining recognition At McDonald’s listening to Mendelssohn’s violin concertos. “üåπ” @Amaaniac Someone should put all Maccies music into a playlist you can listen to even when having brekkie at home. @Getintothis this could defo be a thing üëâ No 1 Kent attraction: fields of grass. going places Listening to Google Support’s hold music. @MrDanielFish Muzak vibes ok life goals üåπ home Thames riverside I’m streaming the view from my window (birdsongs included) live at this that prog-rock band your college drop-out friend is in How come I only listened to this just now ‚Äî I can feel it, it’s already a classic. graphic designers these days say no more find the odd one out Rome today nosebleeding at the beach and other stories can I speak to your manager this. account. : ( how to develop hypochondria after only a week in Italy back here this past week in Italy in love with this record #merriweatherpostpavillion preach Rome. Last Saturday. Don’t ever make someone feel like something they care about is stupid. having a productive morning learning how to properly fold t-shirts “golden hour, sunrays, and all that” here again also while searching for a practical way to store cables on the go German design Amsterdam vibes. Dutch art excited for @gmunchiez at the printspace tomorrow this has been sitting on my hard drive for months - really happy to finally share it the light this evening never pay a second visit to people who possess one on these @DepartmentEss I secretly laughed at GARDENING...SO EXCITING I WET MY PLANTS and feel bad now hay fever music there’s a pet shop two mins from my new flat where you can watch dogs while they get groomed so from now on you know where to find me. the only man you should trust is the man who makes music on this @LOFIVE_ so you were saying? @LOFIVE_ french tucked my tshirt and running shorts the other day. fashion week next year. my dj career @oscillik “A smash hit! Sweet sponge with a mega mix of fruity jam and buttercream, all covered with smooth icing” rocking that french tuck and rolled up sleeves to Asda because *self care* “Person: “”how do you feel?”” me:” 90% of my current job consist in showing people how to open their phone gallery and you’d be surprised by how many people can forward cat pictures on whatsapp but don’t know how to use the simplest functions of their devices. playing fortnite someone. at mcdonalds. is eating chips with a napkin. how people think I feel vs how I really feel your dj wardrobe Installed a new washing machine and feel like an adult or something now. steel @bemp_ Should have pictured my sweaty self at the end I know current mood @Joshua_Gadsby feels like floating @Joshua_Gadsby in love with William Morris what the hell did I just read big fonts won’t make ex-users come back to your precarious platform, Facebook if guy in superman t-shirt has made his move, everyone can. been waiting long for this I love daytime television at the Barbican only listened to Slowdive for the past 48hrs. I’m already feeling a better person. fanny packs and wooden roofs @oscillik MAKING CHATHAM, KENT GREAT AGAIN digging for new tunes in sainsburys music section some things you just can’t explain the only honest twitter acount 0:16 can’t have enough of this damn thing here WOULD BE VERY APPRECIATED IF YOU PLEASE DO NOT EAT SUSHI ON THE TUBE THANK YOU spots someone please send this man a copy of Hard Normal Daddy people asking why pride should exist is the exact reason why pride exists in the first place St. Pancras free food mood Kent, last month. on the fence between mastering the music tools that I already own even though I already feel to have grown out of them or spending time learning new ones I’m excited about on the surface - not sure how those could fit into my current setup @Joshua_Gadsby Maybe I should force myself to make stuff on an Atari virtual machine and see what comes out. do you even sync them 2000 feels from Silence, John Cage so I bought an alarm clock (with radio and cd player). it’s been 4 years I lived without one. it’s been 4 years I have always been late. this is not happening again. eating hummus straight out of the box because you only live once can’t stop this bloody thing Squash-headed people walking down museum aisles I am feeling it I’m talking real content-unaware Thought we’ve come a long way as a species and instead Couldn’t agree more. Please stop judging people on their productiveness. Nobody chooses to disappoint. light is strong today ON. A. TRAIN. TO. SOUTHPORT. why no one ever told me there’s a shop window on Bold St. where they pet cats all day üòª Liverpool multifaceted just had a cup of a 98$ Chinese tea Four Liverpool Musicians at the Playhouse today was incredible - best bit of @Biennial so far. when I’m inside the app and @ghostly is watching dining out in Merseyside Britain, 2018. priceless quality relics taking care of the few new plants I have at home now is seriously helping with my mental health. if you’re out there struggling - get as many plants as you can have. #MondayMotivation exactly how I feel every time I leave the house ain’t she so cute in this one KANYE PICKED UP HIS HAMMER TO SAVE US FROM PICKING UP OURS AND SHOULDN’T WE ALL BE GRATEFUL @Joshua_Gadsby my palm is suffering Working with sounds from the real-world disconnected from their cause forms a bridge between reality and perception. Without a clear cause for the sound, nor a clear meaning, a listener‚Äôs interpretation becomes reflective of their own experiences Brighton today, shot on my phone. streaming @TheJupiterR00M. in bed. reading @Dazed. is this what is all about? documenting pre-Brexit England is hard work why do people don’t look out the plane windows anymore? @MasayoshiFujita’s Book of Life is something of pure beauty ok so someone needs to explain me why does a bloody bottle needs to be gendered as if only women are able to reduce plastic waste Not sure if I’m dreaming or not but this bus to Peckham is not only in time but also clean and spotless. god bless I’m living the high life Chippies selling slushies are a sacrilege. it is happening again my friends Chingford, phone shots. SUMMER IS HERE Elephant and Castle, 6pm, today. Looking forward to @ryuichisakamoto’s Coda screening in London next week. we’re doing good here when I’m inside the app Swear it appeared on some bloke’s sweaty back on a bus to South London yesterday. Speedo in Hyde Park is the way to go. why this picture though I can’t explain late afternoon sun Been looking for new opportunities to relieve me from stress and anxiety and currently looking for a volunteer role in a contemporary art setting in London. I’m open to help out in galleries, workshops, events, etc. Please give a shout this way if know about any open role. No better place to be your worst self than this website. Sakamoto’s Coda is a work of art. So much respect for the man - he is and forever will be an inspiration for many musicians and composers, especially those going through severe struggles. wisest words “””People should focus on sculpting colours the way they feel it should be, and not think about the post-production. People should not make music for post-production.””” Kent, Spring 2018. üåπ gives me the shivers every bloody time I have the most average twitter audience. please tell me this is a troll move Challenging my own vision of content vs art. Are they in rivalry? Can they exist as two different entities without one being addressed as the other? Is content is not art, what is it then? 1. your boss starts following you on twitter Had the brilliant idea to walk Tower Bridge on an August Sunday afternoon. 20 mins in and I’m still here evading selfies and standing tourists. How Heavy This Hammer is of a realness that very few movies get close to. A genuine work of art. bought a reusable cup midi arpeggios are still cool 2 years and @italtek still goes ‚ù§Ô∏è here hats off Is pirating artistic content still a valuable and widely accepted pratice? In the past few years I’ve shifted from torrent master to acquiring content legally and I’ve only benefited from it. when I’m inside the app that ambient playlist in poundland though @Joshua_Gadsby Dreamland so much wisdom in one tweet it’s overwhelming yes lads mike paradinas and his bloody thing is this treadmill footage of Yosemite park at sunrise art? When your Discover Weekly is just covers and remixes of music you already know üíÅ BBC Proms tonight. Lots of percussions. Feeling like my entire Italian heritage has been burnt and destroyed is only 3:23 mins. Awesome. when relatives ask me to play some of my music proof that technology has gone too far and I struggle to catch up Doing this experiment where I listen to nothing but @slowdiveband for 48hrs and it’s proving great so far. üåπ Added a bunch of new faves to this Pompei and Naples day trip Lago del Salto while I’m not on twitter when I’m inside the app Indoor Sunday tv watching fashion This week just got much better! welcome to my kitchen in a difficult relationship with marimba solos in minimalist music @mstcreative @BrianEnoMusic nice, only knew about @OblStrats @heatheredpearls is a loyal one watching a documentary counting how many times this doomsday survivalist says “when shit hits the fan...” A few from one of my last rolls. Taken in San Felice, Italy. “me: hey google, play some music google:” Don’t be an accountant by day and climber at the weekend. Be a climber. spending a day with this one. we’re obviously doing great. “animal collective release a new album me:” bus stop tunes @FinalSpaceTBS is the series I didn’t know I needed. somebody discovered synthwave Soothing jazz music in Lewisham shopping centre I am living the dream. Spending my Sunday afternoon following cat profiles on Instagram. boycotting IMDb until Little Britain gets 10/10 never trust people that go running with a t-shirt that says “RUN” she’s tired too “therapist: what would you like to talk about today? me:” art can‚Äôt wait till it gets colder so I can really start dressing North Peckham is the ultimate broken architectural dream of architects in the early 60s. And I love it. Tabla solos for 8 hours no stop. I’m in ecstasy. McDonald’s baby seats are creepy. hats off to who picked the titles for Kath and Kim season 1 @Joshua_Gadsby that Gay episode is a masterpiece listening to √âdith Piaf ‚ù§Ô∏è Working with @InnerVisionOrch for a week has taught me so much I will be forever grateful for. Attending to a performance you know you’ve helped come true is extremely rewarding. Wishing the Orchestra the best of luck for their upcoming performance in India. I bought a stress ball. Anxious it may not be soft enough. *hand holding icicle in front of an iceberg* @DepartmentEss @boctransmission how to take care of a real work of art @Daedelus Break Well by @mountkimbie guitar riffs are still cool Who on Earth does not get goosebumps is New Cross the capital of hideous storefront design? This hill is at the back of the home where I’ve lived for 19 years. And people still ask me if Italy is worth a visit. THIS IS THE EROS HOUSE IN CATFORD. EROS WAS THE GREEK GOD OF ATTRACTION. CONSIDERING I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS CONCRETE STAIRWELL, IT ALL MAKES COMPLETE SENSE. When your most interesting tweet is a love letter to a concrete building. in love with Apple’s new flagship phones I wish @campostfilm came out when I was 18. backdoor reverb is where I’m at right now Amsterdam, this summer. Whitstable, yesterday afternoon. other people’s dogs love me @MrDanielFish good shout! When you need support with your mental health reach out to the people in your life. I wish I’d knew long that even just a chat can make the difference. South Bermondsey, London, today. Reasons why I love this platform: At times my life is surprisingly exciting. Today I ate a coconut and dates energy ball. every. single. day. how I got my first date “I’m in love” Repotting plants. Indoor garden now counts 6 living organisms. look up. state the obvious. be kind to yourself. take a second to appreciate the small things. be concerned. look concerned. ask stupid questions. be lost. then be present. then be lost again. <3 @LAbuHamdan at the Chisenhale Gallery is exactly what I needed in this grey London afternoon. Listening to 10 people play taikos non-stop for 45 mins. I’m only listening to Yves Tumor for the first time now and gosh this is good. Do you ever watch 50 mins documentaries about people making ice sculptures? “Founding the drive to make new work again by being aware of my mental health and surrounding myself with influential people. A thread.” Organising my living space. Forcing myself to get out of the house. Buying plants. Taking care of plants. Cooking. Books about meditation. Actually trying out meditation. Starting a journal. Walking. Reading Matt Haig. Stress balls. Ambient music. Going alone to gallery openings. I’ve found impossible to sit still and work through a project long enough to bring it to completion. I still struggle, but there’s a couple of things that really help me: Free beer at gallery openings. Deleting myself from unhealthy social media platforms. Friends. Twitter accounts about concrete buildings. Live music. Still images. Shooting film. Developing film. Volunteering. Writing lengthy and rambling twitter posts. And yes, obviously, if you’re lucky enough to have access to it, therapy. I watched Janie’s Janie this past month. It’s the kind of documentary you don’t forget. It’s up close, personal, and candid. @Joshua_Gadsby What about bringing a stress ball to a gallery opening? “Performance art is a performance presented to an audience within a fine art context. It can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer’s body, or presence in a medium, and a relationship between performer and audience.” The Fog, 1980. while in Liverpool a wave Millions of neurones were activated to tweet this, 2018. this podcast is a work of art Found a friend walking through Lloyd Park in Walthamstow yesterday. Started using Twine today. Many improbable interactive stories to be told. Stay tuned. Poundland’s new “spooky sounding” self service machines are paramount of modern technology. ethereal sound tonight at 7pm, St Alfege Church, Greenwich. currently listening to Writing a journal for my future self. <3 Added Music When you go for a quick dinner at Nando’s and Four Tet is waiting in the cue before you. #brixtonvibes looking forward to this I welcome you to my most private google searches Starting to appreciate the smell of chicken wings on London buses. Am I the only one? books I’m reading “handsome” my late night shopping soundtrack feeling inspired ‚ô•Ô∏è New media art is Iceland putting digital screens inside their freezers telling you about their new Halloween deals. loving these from @ThamesSideSE18 Potato Wedges.wav THIS. TUNE. @EM0TI0NWAVE ‚ô•Ô∏è plausibile Spent the last 30 mins carving a pumpkin and for once in a while can start to feel a sense of emotional fulfilling. walking home to this Hearing too many stories from friends whose time in higher education has worsened their mental health and all this is too common to stay unnoticed. Especially when you’re seen and perceive yourself as high functioning accepting that help is a necessity is the hardest obstacle. Keep looking for things in places where there is nothing ‚Äî Jonas Mekas, 2000 Living 10 minutes from here makes me feel quite privileged today’s find @EM0TI0NWAVE Microstapling organism left unattended reworking 3d models into abstract artifacts Thinking about thinking. What a thoughtful process. Listening to Morricone and thinking about my anxiety. Also, with the other side of my brain ‚Äî thinking of writing a tweet about this How do you stop worrying about worrying? I’m listening to the soundtrack to the Legend of 1900. It’s beautiful. Margate yesterday. working on the soundtrack for a video art piece Probably the best thing ever filmed since the 1940s Brighton, July 2018 Listening to Satie’s Je te veux while riding a bus through New Cross is quite an emotional experience. That day I flipped someone else’s midi and gosh it was beautiful. Just want to take the time to say thanks to Will and John for making @2PointOhPodcast happen ‚Äî such a great podcast. There’s this thing happening in London Bridge train station where all public announcements are played at the same time on every platform creating a dystopian choir of voices. @citiesandmemory @lacosapreziosa @JohnKannenberg you’ll find me there doing the same exact thing I really love moquette. Currently rewriting my journals as an interactive story. baking cookies because I am an artist Me and my cat love each other but she doesn’t know that. Tonight I found myself discussing about why disposable culture is not the only way to live. So many people think you have be inherently wealthy to think about the impact of your daily actions on the environment. (a thread) It’s about making thr most of what you already have. Buy less and reuse as much as possible. But most of these commodities you can sacrifice. You don’t have to go on any strict diet or drive miles to go shopping. “You have to be rich to shop at a ‘organic store’ or at the market”. Yes, it is true, but only to an extent. If you want the exact same commodities you’ve always had you will have to spend more when buying organic & zero waste products. However, I do understand you’d have to fight mass-production to follow this lifestyle on a daily basis and that’s conceptually overwhelming for some. Lest we forget. Hometown, yesterday. Almost a year since this went live and it doesn’t seem so long now. A friend’s four-year-old son drew this and we installed gallery-like under a ceiling lamp. That Croydon landscape in Bandersnatch though. I made an interactive semi-autobiographical story is inspired by the journal entries I have written during my first month on antidepressants Respectable NYE Had lots of fun contributing to @TheJupiterR00M in 2018! Wishing @DepartmentEss the best of luck with it this year. Pleat Orange, Bitten Hegelund, 2004. Going to be one year older in 10 minutes. Here is me in front of Copenhagen’s Opera House @GreggsOfficial PLEASE HAVE ALL MY MONEY @lacosapreziosa Grazie x 20-something years ago. Using this platform once again to inform everyone that I’m wrecked. I’m eventually back the final flight of the six I’ve had during the past twenty days or so. Three countries, pastries, dry lips, scarves, airports, trains, and a family united in sorrow. I’ve had a chat with Replika, a surprisingly “humane” digital bot, for about an hour today. Beginning to think technology can really help dealing with mental health issues both as a mood tracking tool and a therapeutic one. There’s the invisibility cloak and then there’s this Midnight Lullaby Counting down to this while trying to get some sleep The sound of wind through the vent in my shower room is both frightening and beautiful. Oh, Hi! Apparently, surrealist poets used to meet up for sleep sessions. One of them would stay awake and write what the others would say in their sleep. How come has no one thought of a public performance of this? @BuzzFeedUK tomorrow: “Why does law enforcement loves doughnuts so much?” If Bob Ross was alive he would be painting landscapes of post-no-deal Brexit England. @EM0TI0NWAVE Let’s get crazy! One glass of wine and I’m in full “let’s make a masterpiece” mode. Now looking for book printing deals. HTML to PDF to Word to Text. Making a book out of your internet history is not actually *that* easy. Peckham: Rethinking the Pavement. ‚ÄúThe Body Shaming That Haunts Young Boys‚Äù Is there really a need to make more art? Do you ever feel like This is surprisingly direct and sincere. Anxiety can’t be fixed by medications in the long term ‚Äî it’s a mechanism of our brain and the only way to “fight” it is to accept it. I have a bag full of cables in my wardrobe. It’s been there for a year and I have not needed it since. The Marie Kondo that’s in me is supplicating to get rid of it. Reality is always more interesting than fiction. Here’s the proof. via @nypost There’s a man talking to an underwear display section in Asda. üåπ How I wish I could go out everyday. These are some of the sketchbooks/journals I have been using for the past few months to write/sketch/draw/note ideas. They are amazing tools‚Äîand ones that should be always be displayed or made available alongside creative work. Ideas have power. [a thread] “Here are a few ways I’ve come up with for using ideas as the starting point for my creative practice: - Sell them on eBay - Tweet them - Paint them - Create a daily ideas-mailout - Perform them - Put them in a safe - Encrypt them” Even the most disconnected ideas. Those you can’t explain to yourself. They describe how you think and how you get your thoughts onto paper. I have many‚Äîof ideas. [2] I come home to my flatmate shooting a film about gun violence with actors and an entire crew in our micro-flat. Some people don’t believe I am actually living the dream. A drawing inspired by Naeem Mohaiemen’s Tripoli Cancelled (2017). Home Loading 7 months of recordings from my Google Assistant onto Ableton (circa 8k files) and only hitting 1% of CPU usage. üôè @DepartmentEss @louderthanwar Well done! Going to embark in a two-months project documenting my attempts at making as much money as possible selling all the data I can gather about myself off the internet. Any revenue will be split 50/50 and donated to @MindCharity and @LondonNightline. Here I talk about a documentary that changed the way I look at documentaries I wish more people would talk openly about their mental health as they talk about how much they hate the coffe from the caff downstairs. ‚ù§Ô∏è Writing press releases is not fun and I would stay from anyone who thinks so. Four perspectives of the same light, C41, Colour. Bigger how? Online poems these days. Today’s mood: “Blotter” by Peter Doig, 1993. Who is the designer of recent Barbican book covers? @the_modrnwrld @MrKeenan Not sure but still a good reference x Why are barbers in Peckham still open at 10pm? @MrKeenan @the_modrnwrld <3 Feeling well is watching youtube videos about canned bacon & egg powder without judging yourself. That e-flux newsletter though. Where do I hire one in London? üíõ The drama and struggles of unfinished art. When is a work ever ready? Do you ever have so many ideas that you struggle to decide on which to focus on? In a time where living encapsulated within the few inches of our devices makes part of us invisible, we should begin to consider whether the persona that we portray is actually true to ourselves. @MrDanielFish I need to start appreciating having lots of ideas‚Äîand stop thinking that unfinished projects or projects I put on hold make me an unsuccessful individual. Me at my first yoga class. Why is regret even a feeling? Did humankind ever needed regret to look back on things happened in the past and feel bad about them? “I‚Äôve also decided that when asked what being better feels like, I‚Äôm going to be more honest. I realize this might sometimes make people uncomfortable, but stuff that. I‚Äôm not completely better but I‚Äôm still better than I was before.” Honesty is sexy. Can’t wait “New Alumni ‘19 is the first exhibition I curate in collaboration with @uoggalleries. Can’t wait to see its results and obviously super proud of working on it! üíõ Opens 21 Feb 2019 in the Project Space, 10 Stockwell Street, London.” Proud to be working on this üôè Today got me like I have come out of a 1hr30mins trip to IKEA empty-handed. @ricknees üò† Been there, done that Tracey Emin at the White Cube. Woke up feeling the need to watch Finding Nemo once again. Kenneth Goldsmith & Simon Morris: sucking on words (2007) üíö @EM0TI0NWAVE 10x better than asmr 12 seconds “Holden here is merging electroacoustic and electronic music with such a a mastery that I’m impressed every time I re-listen to this album.” üåπ What a lovely performance of #themousetrap tonight at @Stmartinslondon. Already a fan of this cast! üëè my Valentine mood this year New Alumni ‘19 is opening in a week ‚Äî next Thursday 21 February. Curated by me with Greenwich University Galleries. Come in for weirdly spaced TVs, glossy prints, QR codes, and bright lights. @ 10 Stockwell Street, Greenwich. Reading online content, including your social media feed, is still reading. Reading isn’t just spending intimate time with a book in solitude & contemplation. Stop saying that you don’t read much. Like it or not you’re consuming words and breathing in information. UPDATE: Barbers in Peckham are open until 11pm. Creating a unified online portfolio + blog space where I can show my work and write about things on @cargocollective. My current Tumblr + Medium + Instagram setup isn’t consistent and easy to manage anymore. Jarman, right, with Jody Graber on the set of The Garden in 1989. I am a person. This made me smile My post skincare routine runway walk Why do all my socks look the same?

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