Film & TV Vimeo Showcase, University of Greenwich

I coordinated the co-creation of a digital screening room (Vimeo Showcase) featuring a selection of short films from Film & TV alumni. I sourced films, supervised the audio transcription to captions, wrote copy, and shared the Showcase on social media and internal communications channels.

To communicate the launch of this new online screening room, I designed social media content and delivered a campaign to attract visitors. Since its launch, thousands of visitors have explored the Film & TV Showcase, and it has become a central part of the Programmes’ online presence, with more films and show-reels to be added each year.

Mockup of the Vimeo Showcase opened in a laptop and a mobile device beside it
Social media post inviting people to visit the Vimeo SHowcase and describing that, by scrolling right, they learn about what films are featured in this space

Film & TV Showcase


Designs are un-licensed under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication. I dedicate all copyright interests of this work to the public domain.