Virtual Production: How to Be Good

While at University of Greenwich, I worked on many fascinating projects. How to be Good was one of my favourites. For this ambitious project, I shot BTS photographs, created content, and co-curated a social media campaign sharing its outputs. Film & TV staff and practitioners at the School of Design produced a short film using Virtual Production technologies as part of a wider research activity looking at how to best integrate VP in current film and television education. Outputs from the project raised awareness of the importance of Virtual Production in the future of the screen industries and helped the Film & TV Programmes secure a book deal.

director talks to actress
social media post asking for feedback on people's thoughts on directing Virtual Productions
Photograph: Gabriela Predan, Design: Francesco Imola
head of V F X operating computer on set
director points at pre-viz footage on a screen beside the set
person operating camera
person operates boom
talent is ready for their scene, sat on the green floor with the camera pointing at them
social media post (GIF) inviting students to join a workshop
social media post asking for feedback on people's thoughts on working with unreal engine on a Virtual Production
actress rehearsing a scene, holding a stone ready to attack

How to be Good is funded by StoryFutures Academy.


Photographs are licensed to Francesco Imola under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless otherwise specified. Designs are un-licensed under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.