Francesco Imola is a London-based digital artist and designer currently researching and experimenting across multimedia platforms and working with archives as a tool to learn more about ourselves. He is a Digital Arts student at the University of Greenwich and a gallery assistant and trainee curator at University of Greenwich Galleries.


I just wanted to say / C20H21FN2O / EVERYTHING IS PROCESSED / avtest (unsupported) / Web Audio API Synth (unsupported) / drawingsxdrawings / The Jupiter Room + Young Offices / Getintothis / pattern-action / Sedna / Past Archives / Buildings 1 & 2 / Maeve

Performed at

528 / Loudspeaker Orchestra / MAAST / UOG Sonic Exchange / Emotion Wave

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frn dot imola at gmail dot com

+44 777 8267 338

Francesco Imola